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Good News! May 2019

Our four year project is now one year into its journey. We are still looking to raise £150,000 in order to take the school to pupils aged 14. We are therefore looking for large organisations interested in sponsoring us or individuals who feel able to contribute. If you know of any organisation or individual please let us know!

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Christmas Update - The Most Valuable Gift of All

Every year, students like Fasika drop out of school after Grade 3 - currently this is the top level of teaching at our Gendit school. It takes over an hour to get to another school for grades 4-6; this means children have to cross a busy main road with the threat of violence on the way.

As a result, many children simply fall out of the education systems altogether.

However, the classrooms that will be provided by our project will change lives forever - children will be able to stay at school until they are 14 years old. After this, it is only a mile to the nearest secondary school.

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