Flushing in the Rain June 2019

Great news! Despite the Ethiopian summer rains, progress has been made on the toilet block and the classrooms. We hope you can see the progress being made from the photographs. We have found that children can’t drink the water from the village well so we’re going to put in water pumps and taps in the school grounds. This means the children can drink and wash their hands! It’s a real step forward for health and hygiene.

Aykel school 8 tap water station wash.JPG

Through Link Ethiopia, we’ve been talking with Camara, an organisation that provides computers and computer/IT training to primary schools in Ethiopia. But, sadly we have no electricity so first we have to find some solar panels-and we’re working on it right now. If anyone knows of any organisation willing to donate/sponsor solar panels then please let us know.

Back to working on the donations! We need to continue to build to teach children up to age 14, the final year of Ethiopian primary school.