Progress! - October 2018

Newly appointed Director and Teachers for our school!


After six months of discussion with The Ministry of Education and Link Ethiopia, the launch of our new website on October 12th was a pivotal moment. Our work was pulled together brilliantly by Zach at Artus Digital. The power of technology has seen £1,450 donated in just two weeks and we want to say a huge thank you to all those who have supported us to date. 

Every little really does help. 

Decisions about window sizes for the classrooms have been testing my DIY knowledge but I'm pleased to say that a new director and three new teachers for grades 1,2 and 3 have been appointed - Endalk, Banchiamiak, Adina and Setechign. Hurray! 

The building of the first classrooms is about to begin. A meeting with parents and community leaders was held last week and they are resolute in wanting to help with labour and materials which is wonderful. Ethiopian Airlines are starting flying from Manchester to Addis in December so my next ticket to Gendit is in the pipeline. Very exciting and watch this space!

Sue Eland, October 2018