School Build Schedule

We have an exciting but challenging future ahead of us. The school will be built over three years and in three stages. The total cost of the build will be approximately £225,774. In addition contingency, monitoring and evaluation, project management and teacher’s salaries have been included into the final totals.

Year 1-Cost -£85,278

  • Building of four classrooms

  • Refurbishment of two previously existing classrooms

  • Furnishing four classrooms

  • Resourcing four classrooms

  • Building of toilet block

  • Site fence construction

  • Tree planting

  • Community mobilization event and opening ceremony

Year 2-Cost-£120.417

  • Professional development for teachers

  • Construction of two further classrooms

  • Construction of central library

  • Construction of a science laboratory

  • Construction of director’s office, staffroom and resource room

  • Construction of outdoor classrooms

  • Construction of guard’s house

  • Clearing of field for sport and play areas

  • Building of raised beds for classroom growing areas

  • Furnishing of two classrooms

  • Resourcing of two classrooms

  • Furnishing of directors office, staffroom and resource rooms

Year 3-Cost-£20,079

  • Continuing professional development

  • Sharing of best practice model with other local schools.